Machining Group: Machine/Mechanical Services

August 2, 2016

One of the interesting projects at the machine shop is a large assembly for a mining conveyor application called a “Carbody”.  There are two major weldments (Main Body and Gimbel) that require post fabrication machine work. The work will be completed on a combination of our largest machines; Phoenix VTL, Toshiba HBM and Bullard HBM followed by our industrial mechanical team hydraulically bolting the gimbel to the main body.  We first turned the gimbel on the Phoenix VTL to establish  the overall heights.  This happened to be our first project on this machine and we are very pleased with the accuracy and overall quality.  Once the VTL inspection was completed the Gimbel was then set-up on the Bullard to drill the forty 1 ¼” holes, 8 cap mounting holes followed by the line boring of the 8x horizontal pin bores.

The large main body is being machined on the Toshiba.  It weights roughly 14,000 pounds and will require precision milling on 5 faces and drilling over 80 holes.  The rotary table gives us a tremendous advantage as we only need one set up and can rotate the table 90 and 180 degrees to reach the outside faces.


portrait 1-86_F