Machine Shop: High Speed Railcar

June 22, 2016

After a couple months of programming, design changes, initial setup sequences and process flow improvements the High Speed Railcar underframes project is in full production at the machine shop. This project will take more than 8,000 machining hours and require the use of 15 of our machines.  The work will be completed on both manual and CNC equipment and ranges from small precision piece part beveling to the use of our large Toshiba to do the final machine work on the cross girders.


We were pleased to receive notification that CAID was awarded the contract to manufacture an 8.4m (27.5ft) telescope mirror cell.  Since the mirror cell must be machined on the Toshiba during the same timeframe as the underframes, we made the decision to purchase another medium size machine, a 5” Lucas CNC horizontal mill.  This machine was delivered to CAID during the first week of October, and we will com  plete the foundation upgrade and have the machine installed/commissioned by late November.  This investment will allow us to transition all the cross girder machine work to the Lucas which opens the capacity of the larger Toshiba for the mirror cell.