Fabrication: LSST M1M3 Mirror Cell

June 29, 2016

On October 6th, AURA awarded the LSST M1M3 Mirror Cell contract to CAID. The work includes the final design, manufacturing, assembly, and vacuum testing of the 26,000kg (57,000lb) steel cell. The large, complex 9m x 9m x 2m (30ft x 30ft x 7ft) weldment safely supports the M1M3 mirror while on the telescope mount assembly and also functions as the low vacuum chamber vessel to enable coating of the mirror surfaces. The work will be done over the next 16 months. Upon completion, the Mirror Cell will be integrated with the M1M3 mirror currently in storage in Tucson, to enable active optical testing at the University of Arizona Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab prior to shipment of the systems to Chile.  More information about the LSST Project can be found onlineat: at  http://www.lsst.org/





Rendering of the M1M3 Cell on Toshiba HBM in CAID’s Machine Shop


M1M3 Cell and 8.5 Mirror


M1M3 Mirror Cell