Machining Services

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CAID machine shop works with a wide range of materials. At any given time we are machining plastics, foam, aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel in most grades.
With decades of machining experience, CAID can solve the most technical challenges.

Our 25,000 sq. ft. machine shop is set up to take on everything from small to large projects. We offer some of the largest machine capability in the region with a 5 axis CNC horizontal mill with an effective envelope of X=408” x Y=118”.

We listened to our customer’s needs and have established a full time second shift. This allows us to respond to emergency repair projects where time is of the essence and getting back up and running quickly is critical.

Large Machines

  • Toshiba CNC Floor HBM w/Rotary Table 32’ x 10’ (1980)
  • Phoenix CNC VTL w/live tooling 103″ x 94″ (1999)
  • Milltronics CNC Vertical Mill- (BR80) 200” x 80” x 34” (2014)
  • Milltronics CNC Vertical Mill- (BR60) 150” x 60” x 28” (2007)

Medium Machines

  • Haas VF8/50T CNC Vertical Mill 64” x 40” x 30” (2013)
  • Haas VF4/40T CNC Vertical Mill 50” x 20” x 25” (2013)
  • Milltronics CNC (ML22) Lathe w/live tooling 22” x 60” (2008)
  • Milltronics CNC (RH30) Vertical Mill 60” x 30” x 28” (2004)
  • Bullard 4” HBM 48” x 76” x 60” (1960)