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Nuestra pasión por la innovación, la imparable búsqueda de la perfección y calidad, y nuestro continuo compromiso para satisfacer a nuestros clientes son alguna de las cualidades que permiten a CAID Automation resolver problemas complejos de fabricación en una gran variedad de industrias.


  • Soluciones innovadoras para los desafíos que se encuentran a los procesos de fabricación apoyándonos en años de experiencia para la construcción y diseño de sistemas de robótica automatizados
  • Creando equipos personalizados que brindan a nuestros clientes las posibilidades más altas
  • Soluciones de fabricación incluyen equipos personalizados para el montaje automatizado, pruebas, manejo de materiales, inspección visual, “web handling”, embalaje y otros procesos
  • Abordamos cada solución con el nivel más alto de integridad e Ingeniera
  • Hacemos un diagnóstico completo y entendemos el problema que nuestro cliente está teniendo para después brindarle una solución
  • Ayudamos a nuestros clientes en diferentes fases, como R&D, “pilot lines”, producciones completas, incremento de productividad, etc.



Our internal processes allow us to:

  • Keep track of the status of every single project
  • Ensure that we are meeting all the customer’s requirements and specifications
  • Design and build the equipment with the highest quality components
  • React quickly and decisively when problems arise during the project
  • Meet On-Time deliveries
  • Maintain customer’s trust when dealing with Change Orders

Upon triggering an automation project, the team first develops a Functional Specification (FSD) that not only interprets the User Requirements Specification, but also communicates the specific design approach to meet the requirement. Our goal is to iterate and interpret concepts before energy is invested in a specific concept, eliminating waste and rework in the development phase.


Some risk mitigation activities in the early stage of the project may include the execution of Proof of Principles, functional prototypes, and Engineering Studies. Often, we work directly with our customers to define and develop User Requirements and System Specifications, as well as early Risk Assessments as well as technology and solution analyses to identify the best methods and solutions.

Often, we will conduct Motion and Process Simulations, using assembly process data to confirm the solutions we design will meet specified cycle times.

Our philosophical approach during the automation solution development phase is to work closely with the customer project team to assure complete transparency and co-development of the final solution with a focus on Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA) and improving component and design choices while optimizing the system serviceability.
Our systems are fully validated for mechanical fit and functionality by our experienced machine builders before the controls engineering team conducts electrical and controls integration protocols. Where possible, sub-assemblies are bench assembled and tested to reduce the debug and troubleshooting effort.


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